26. Oktober 2016


all shot on 35mm film

in Munich and Stuttgart, Germay
fall 2016

Alina arriving at munich without the dog and without any beer, yetZOB, Munich, Germany 


starring: Alina Gamow
co-starring: the dog


Alina and her smartphone
Robinson's Bar, Corneliusstrasse 14, Munich

Alina is crazy about her smartphone

Alina is also crazy about beer

The dog

Alina and the dog

Alina giving the dog a huge hug

The dog without the hug

Alina coming into her room
Stuttgart, Germany

Alina in her new room, hugging a bottle filled with liquor

Alina in her bed sharing the night with me

Thank you.

(hope you still love me after this)
kiss kiss from the bottom of my itchy hear.

Love, xoxo, Susi.

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